Cody Hobbs Scholarship

Cody Hobbs Scholarship Application
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Deadline November 30
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The Texas STMA established a scholarship fund to promote the sports turf profession to students interested in turfgrass management and to assist sports turf professionals seeking to improve through continuing education courses. These scholarships promote the sports turf management profession as a career choice and demonstrates the necessity of the sports turf manager as a vital position within any organization that provides sports fields.

The Cody Hobbs Scholarship will be awarded to a professional or commercial member of Texas STMA who seeks to improve their knowledge in the profession of sports turf management through continuing education or correspondence courses by an accredited college or university. This scholarship is awarded based on criteria established by the Texas STMA Board of Directors. The applicant must also provide valid reasons as to why they will benefit from this award and must complete the course within one year.

Scholarships are awarded at the Annual Business Meeting held each December in conjunction with the Texas Turfgrass Association Winter Conference and Exhibit.