Community Service by the TXSTMA!

On January 13, 2018, the TXSTMA led by President Elect
Weston Floyd gave back to the community in a Texas sized way.
TXSTMA members, sponsors and local community members
joined forces to rebuild the baseball and softball fields in
Rockport that were ravaged by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Here is a great story from the Rockport Pilot Newspaper 
celebrating opening day!

The banner below lists the sponsors who donated product, time
and money to make the event a great success. Many more helped
in so many ways and we really appreciate the outpouring of generosity and selflessness.

The effort was covered by many news outlets in the state.
Below are links to some of the news stories and the next two pages include photos from the special day.
Way to go TXSTMA members!!! You rock!

Baseball Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan donates to Rockport

Longhorn Volunteers lead way in Rockport Little League rebuild

Charlie Robison and Nolan Ryan help rebuild Rockport-Fulton Memorial Park Ball Fields

Longhorn staffer volunteers time to rebuild little league field

To the members of the Texas Sports Turf Managers
Association and its vendors:

I wanted to THANK everyone who was able to come out and help our efforts in Rockport last Saturday. The work that you completed that day was a tremendous show of compassion and skill by all our members involved for people that none of you knew. As a member of TXSTMA, I am so thankful that we as an organization could find a day, and help others that have been thru so much pain and heartbreak.  It would not have happened without you the members and the different organizations that allowed you to participate.

To the vendors that supplied materials and goods I thank you as well. Your generosity for this project was overwhelming. With the help of your products, we were able to start a solid foundation in Rockport that will help them this year and beyond. They were so overjoyed to have some of the things we take for granted. At the end of the day one parent was so happy that the softball infield was flat. The little things like that are what made this project so fulfilling.  We were able to leave them with materials that will help them during their season and make it a little safer.

When we started this project, the town of Rockport was not going to be able to play their little league season. However, after all of your hard work that night they opened up the website for registration. You helped that town, you helped those kids have a season, and without you that would not have happened. I am forever grateful and proud to be in an organization that is able to give back as we did.

Thank You All,  Weston Floyd